Abdinor has attained dual Masters of (Political Science & MBA) from Sakarya University. He is an outgoing researcher works at TRT World Research Centre and Project Coordinator for the TRT World Citizen Initiative. Abdinor is a self-motivated blogger in the development, governance and geopolitics in Africa. Co-founder of Caawiye Organization.
Abdijabaar has a MA in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Uludag University. He spends a tremendous amount of his time in volunteering of organizations. Co-Founder of Caawiye Organization.
Yonis is pursuing his Master degree in Local government at the Istanbul Aydin University. He is a kind-hearted and obedient individual. Co-founder of Caawiye Organization.
Amal is doing her MA in Industrial Engineer at Gaziantep University. She works with World Food Program-WFP in Turkey. Aside from her accomplishment Amal is a very ambitious, hardworking and charming individual. Co-founder of Caawiye Organization.
Saleban is doing his MA in Master of Mining Engineering at Karadeniz Teknik University. He emphasizes on education and continuously advocates for better education curriculums in Somalia. Co-founder of Caawiye Organization.
Mohamed is a dual B.Eng/B.Sc at Çukurova and IOU Universities respectively. Mohamed is an inventive, who has outstanding experience in the planning and managing of projects and events. He has also an entrepreneurial spirit and professional knowledge in volunteering with variety of organizations. Co-founder of Caawiye Organization.
Mohamud is doing his MA in Master of International Finance at Istanbul Commercial University. He is a pro-active individual who has an excellent work ethic and professional experience in volunteering with organizations. Co-founder of Caawiye Organization.
Said is doing his MA in Master of Disaster management at On Dokuz Eylül University. He is a passionate about volunteering in the communities and creating affective networking. Co-founder of Caawiye Organization.
Abdulkadir is doing his double major in B.Eng/B.Sc degree of Civil Engineering and Logistics. A hard working individual who has a professional manner and strong administrative skills. Co-founder of Caawiye Organization.
Fatima is currently doing her Master degree in Psychology of religion at Ankara University. She has contributed to the community tremendously by volunteering and being playing a pivotal role. Co-founder Caawiye Organization.
Safia has attained her Master degree in Accounting and Auditing from Istanbul University. She is currently volunteering with Caawiye Organization in the auditing department. Safia is a self-disciplined, diligent and sympathetic individual, who has a hard working and persistent manner. Co-founder of Caawiye Organization.
Mustafa is a Ph.D. candidate in Political Science and Public Administration at Ankara Yildirim Beyazit University. He is also an intuitive and independent political commentator in the East African Countries. Co-founder of Caawiye Organization.